By Jennifer Aug.20.2012
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Challenging Trend: High Low Style

The high low trend is making a big impact, but we’ve been hearing a general buzz that it’s hard to wear. Today we’re taking out the mystery by giving you two ways to wear it with ease and of course style.

Trendfeedr: High Low Skirts

This leopard print high low skirt is right on trend and makes a big impact. Pairing print and the somewhat unique skirt shape can be a bit overwhelming. Go for an easy top, like this crop knit. Our choice happens to also have the high low effect keeping the silhouettes cohesive. The shape is less important than the easy feel.  By pairing it with a sky high platform wedge, you elevate the entire look and keep that low hemline off the ground.

Trendfeedr: High Low Top

Next we’ve got an exaggerated high low hem on a chiffon blouse. This piece was inundated with likes on our facebook page, so we thought you’d like to know how to style it. We added a crochet short, the heavier feel balances the light and airy top perfectly. A pretty crystal ring and printed wedges bring a nice complimentary color into the mix. Plus the chained bangles from Jules Smith can go with anything!

Feeling more confident in your ability to rock the high low trend? Shop the look with our exclusive trendfeedr collection. Tell us what you think in the comments below and let us know what trends your struggling with.

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