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Five Must-Have Fashion Trends for Fall

White Trench Coat

Canada Goose White Trench Coat


Once cool days begin to replace scorching summer temperatures, you know it’s time to switch up your wardrobe. Here are five fashion trends for fall that every woman should have in her closet.

Trench coat


Every lady needs a well-fitted trench that hugs her curves and exudes sophistication. For a bit more drama, buy one that comes with large buttons or oversized lapels. Many tend to wear this item in understated shades of black, gray, or blue, but that doesn’t mean you have to – you can also find them in eye-catching red or olive green.

Cropped pants

Cropped pants are perfect for times in the season where shorts are out, but long pants feel too stuffy. Wool options tend to work best for the fall, especially in darker shades. Pair them with stunning stilettos to help transform a casual look into something more glamorous.


Add polish to an otherwise casual outfit with this classic fashion trend. It can pull the all the elements of a look together, giving the ensemble a vibe that is somewhat bookish. If you want to keep your look more on the casual side, roll up the blazer’s sleeves.


For additional warmth without the extra length that comes with a trench, go with a peacoat. Create hour-glass curves by cinching your coat at the waist. To keep your outfit casual, leave the peacoat open – it’s a perfect look for start of fall, when temperatures haven’t dropped off completely, but T-shirts aren’t cutting it anymore.

Knitted dress

Forgo dresses with breezy summer fabrics in favor of warm, knitted options. They are perfect as stand-alone items that flatter your curves, as well as a snug bottom layer for multi-layered outfits needed for brisk autumn nights. Pair them with boots for a sexy look that won’t leave you freezing.

Now that it’s fall, put your flip flops and tank tops aside. Stock up on fall classics that will keep your feeling comfortable and looking classically stylish and temperatures start to dip.

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